So popular was this pop-up, it is now in Stoke Newington to stay! A traditional tapas bar serving the very best authentic delicacies from different regions around Spain, including the speciality Jamon Ibérico (a cured ham), that explodes in your mouth with flavour.

The pa amb tomaquet (that’s bread with tomatoes for you) provides a crunchy nibble for the veggies out there.
It’s not just the tapas that gives you that warm n fuzzy feeling, though. The dimmed lights, hispanic music and friendly waiters all add to an atmosphere that envelops you the moment you enter this beautifully decorated bar.

The name “Black Pig” comes from the restaurant’s speciality meat – black in colour, Ibérico pig can be found in southern regions of Spain. Head chef David is Spanish born and bred, hailing from the town of Extremadura – you can’t get more authentic than that. The « White Pearls » part has a bit of a story – inspired by a beautiful painting of a pig that David and his partner Melvin found on their travels in India. The painting can be found adorning the exposed brick wall of the restaurant today!

Top your experience by ordering ‘Patxarah’, a Basque liqueur that burns pleasantly. Double points if you can pronounce that. ¡Que aproveche!