Warning: This is not just fried chicken!
With drinks named the Nikki Minaj, the J-lo, the Drake and the Lil’ Kim

… with their own KFC (Korean Fried Cauliflower) and a disco ball glittering in the corner, this funky restaurant takes the concept of fried chicken to a whole new level. You can still wolf down your favourite classic wings and tenders, just enjoy them alongside mouth watering sides including whipped feta cheese, truffle aioli and homemade tomato ‘clutchup’!

But it’s not just about the funk. Clutch Chicken serves proper, ethically raised chicken. No antibiotics, no claustrophobic stalls, only the highest quality happy chicks. This was one of the main incentives behind the owners starting up Clutch, “too many dirty chickens out there.” And the other reason? “Just for laughs, for the vibes.. everything here is pretty much just to make us laugh!”

Definitely try out the Lemon and Parmesan Tender (it’s exceptional), accompanied by the Chili Chiclet – a spicy margarita with the perfect kick. Clutch also run a number of dance and music events – so get down there for a boogie and work off those wings!!