There is a secret place that Londoner’s (in the know) all treasure – a vibrant, arcadian idyll tucked right in the heart of the city.

Hackney City Farm is truly special – and it’s not only a city farm! It’s a space where, amongst other things, children can learn about the environment, a variety of skills (like ceramics) are taught and free yoga and therapy is offered for refugees. All of this in a beautiful, lush environment that makes you forget you are just off the Hackney Road.

Craving high quality, healthy food? Check out the Frizzante Cafe nestled in the farmhouse; A delicious, Italian style cafe serving up food directly from the farm. There’s a great selection of fresh and seasonal produce, welcoming vegans, vegetarians (and farmers!). Serving breakfast and lunch daily, barista-proof coffees, and delicious suppers every Thursday evening.

Go on and immerse yourself in the radiantly positive vibes of the Hackney City Farm. It’s family-friendly, and there are also enough quiet corners where you can lose yourself in a book.