The first thing that hits you when you enter this cozy little restaurant is the mouth-watering smell.

Is it the beef stew, the salted fish or perhaps the spicy rice? Peter, the owner of Tuck Inn Canteen, shouts, “what’s cooking?” towards the kitchen. “Jerk chicken!” one of the chefs calls back. Morgan Heritage blasts from the speakers, CD’s are stacked randomly on a shelf, in the corner is a handwritten sign inviting you to a poetry night. A regular asks if he can have the veggies again.

Peter functions as owner / cook / waiter and local hero rolled into one. He describes how he opened this restaurant because of his love for food and to bring back the community spirit. “If you’re in trouble, we’re here for you. We want to provide good food at cheap prices, for the working man. Or woman!” He smiles broadly, recounting stories of the area and the people who’ve become part of the Tuck Inn family.

This pearl isn’t just a place to eat. It’s a safe-haven, a warm and welcoming space where everyone is invited for a bite, a chat and a laugh.