A community led ‘food solidarity network’

Ernest sets up local networks of solidarity: we link restaurants, restaurant diners and food charities through fundraising and events

Ernest fundraising campaigns typically run for 3 to 4 months: participating restaurants introduce a ‘solidarity tax’, by adding a few pennies to the end of the bill or on a particular dish. Funds raised go to support local food charities that are working towards longterm as well as short term solutions to food poverty. Ernest campaigns are always local and targeted: we establish specific fundraising goals with our charities in advance, for example a new fridge or van.

Ernest UK is a branch of Ernest France where they have run 3 campaigns raising 30K € alongside a number of community feasts and actions.

We aim to increase the resources to reduce food poverty, while creating sustainable local links and encouraging community engagement

Are you involved with a local food project? Do you want to engage your community in fundraising towards a local food charity
Let's expand the Ernest network together!