SCT is a local charity based in East London. They provide practical help, support and training to people who have been homeless and suffering from addiction, poverty or social isolation. Those SCT helps are those among the most vulnerable in our society; they have often lost everything and are profoundly lonely and isolated. SCT passionately believe that with the right long-term support, service users can experience real and lasting change in their lives; ‘from a sleeping bag to a healthy life’.

As well as nutritious weekly drop-in meals, SCT run a number of food-related programs that aim to build long- term prospects. At their ‘Paper & Cup’ coffee shops throughout East London, trainees learn how to become baristas, serve customers, work in a team and manage a small cafe. Former trainees have gone on to find other work opportunities, including apprentice schemes with partner Pret a Manger.

SCT also runs a weekly Cooking and Nutrition Course at their personal development and training centre. This course is part of a vital ‘bridge’ program that helps service users to turn their lives around. Those caught in homelessness and addiction can easily be trapped in a life of poverty and exclusion. SCT’s strong ‘bridge’ courses help users to make real life changes and move on to the next steps. In the SCT Kitchen, participants find a supportive community and a safe space where they can socialise and re-build confidence and key skills on their road to finding a positive role in society.

Ernest will be raising funds to cover one years supply of food and kitchen equipment for SCT’s Cooking and Nutrition Course.