When Hien, her husband Quyen and mother in law Thanh set up Viet Hoa twenty years ago, they were one of the only Vietnamese restaurants in Hoxton. “We were our own worst enemy I suppose!”

Hien chuckles, recalling those days. Indeed, so successful and popular was the restaurant, Vietnamese eateries began to line the street. Today, Hoxton is the ‘go to’ location for the very best Bun Cha, Summer Rolls and Bahn Mi. So how have Hien and her family kept up with the competition? The proof is in the Pho! “We are a true, family run restaurant employing Vietnamese chefs with a real taste for authentic flavours… you can’t fake that!” Judging from the exquisitely fresh and fragrant renditions of traditional dishes on offer here, Hien’s formula is still a winner.
Viet Hoa have also stayed one step ahead of the game by employing architect Vonsung to reimagine the restaurant – now a truly chic and elegant space to match the delicacy of the dishes. A long central table suits solo diners as well as couples or groups. So next time you are heading out to a Vietnamese restaurant in Hoxton, why not visit this original gem? You won’t regret it.

Check out the speciality home roasted duck or indulge yourself with crackling pork belly, slow cooked with cucumber pickle (heaven). And send our regards to Hien and the family!